75 The New Outdoor Patio Design Concept Has A Difference To Many Homeowners 6

Our Outdoor Patio Update is here! We’ve been busy redesigning our garden for the last year and now we’re ready to open it up to our friends and family. Let’s take a look at our new patio and what we’re looking forward to getting out of it.

Outdoor Patio Rooms

It’s going to be big enough to accommodate a dining room table and chairs and will have some space around the edge for a barbecue or poolside dining area. As I’m sure you can see, this is going to be one of our most popular features in the backyard.

What’s the best part about it though? Our whole family will be able to get together here – from the time we pull out the grill until we close up the night before we retire. So we’re looking forward to having our own barbeque here. I really like the new design of the grill as it makes for easy cleanup, especially if we have guests over.

Install A Patio Cover

This is the first part of the patio that we’re going to cover with a tarp, although we’ve been covering the outside of the patio for quite some time. It’s a large piece of material – about 8 feet long, three feet wide and two feet tall.

The Grill Room

That’s a great thing because it means that all the grills will get very hot. This isn’t going to cause too much damage, so long as we make sure we clean them often. The good news is that we’ve made the design of the grill so that we can easily move it around to keep the fire under control. We can stack it high if we’re not using it or leave it where we need it – and we can stack two to three of them to keep the fire going even when we’re entertaining. for longer periods of time. That means that no one person has to stand around waiting for the fire to go out.

Outdoor Patio Update

The Outdoor Patio Update is still in its early stages. We have a patio table waiting for the cover to go up, which is still in its design phase, but we’ve also been working on landscaping the back yard.


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