78 The Best Way To Build A Cozy Farmhouse

So you’ve finally made it to the end of this Cozy Farmhouse design guide and found out that it’s easy! All you need is a few supplies, an afternoon’s work and an eye for design and you can have one of these gorgeous farmhouses in no time. In this article I’ll reveal some of the key ingredients you need to create a truly amazing house, without breaking the bank.

Straw And Twine

The first and most basic supplies you will need to start are those things we all know of as straw and twine. These are what make the barns of the olden days look so cosy and charming. The only problem is that if you don’t want to spend too much money they are incredibly expensive and can be hard to find. But if you do, they are really great.

Wood For Rustic Charm

Wood is also important. If you want your farmhouse to have a rustic charm, then buying some cedar shavings and wooden planks is a great idea. A little bit of this and some pine boughs should help give your barn a distinctive look.

Cozy Farmhouse Use Pine Straw For The Walls

Another of the most popular Cozy Farmhouse ideas is to use pine straw for the walls. Pine straw is really easy to find and is relatively cheap. You could even buy a couple of sheets and fill them in later on for a small fee. The great thing about using pine straw is that it doesn’t absorb smells, so if you want to keep the barn smelling fresh throughout the winter months you should take precautions.

You could also use your wood for other things as well. You could make your barn siding if you wanted or perhaps build a wall for a window, if you want.

Create Roofing Shingles

Straws and planks are great, but there is also another alternative. One thing that has become really popular is using straws and wooden planks to make roofing shingles. Instead of purchasing wood, you can buy wooden shingles and then fill them with straw, or you can use hay as your straw and fill them in. Once again, it really depends on your budget as to what sort of roof you wish to make, but in either case it looks stunning.

The thing about roofs is that they can be very difficult to make correctly. That’s why straws and wooden planks can be great alternatives, as they make it easier to use. You can also buy special shingles and roofing materials that will give your barn an authentic look, if you prefer a more traditional look.

There are tons of Cosy Farmhouse ideas that can be created from simple straw and planks, and a few extra materials if you like. If you choose to go that route, then you will have an absolutely adorable barn that will keep your neighbors awake at night!


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